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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Patient Abandonment - can a doctor turn away a patient because of inability to pay?
How long does a physician have to keep medical records?
How do I change my address?
How do I request a duplicate copy of a license?
Can I get a list of active MD's, DO's, PA's, RA's, etc. for a mailing list?
How do I change my name?
What does the term revoked/stayed mean?
My physician won't give me my medical records. What can I do to get them?
I have copies of my other state license and certification card from NBCOT. Can I just mail those to you?
Can you please clarify if physicians are able to sell prescription products out of their office?
We use electronic records. On prescriptions, can I use a rubber signature stamp? I am the only one that uses it.
Does a physician need an Arkansas medical license to testify as an expert witness in court?
Can an MD hire AA's (Anesthesiologist Assistants)?