Online Services Registration

Online Service Registration

NOTE: Newly licensed practitioners receive a PIN and instructions with their license packet for establishing online services.

Warning:This site may contain sensitive and private information. While on this site, all hyperlink clicks, page views, and any information provided through forms will be logged for future track purposes. Improper use or unauthorized access to this information is expressly prohibited and will be punished to the highest extent of the law.

Please fill in the following information. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED!

PIN #:
License #:
Birth Date: (01/01/1981)
Last four digits of SSN#:

If you are not the holder of the license, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ESTABLISH AN ONLINE ACCOUNT with the Arkansas State Medical Board.

I attest to the fact that I am the licensee.

Once complete, the system immediately emails a link to your private email address for validation titled "Action Required to Activate Account at" You must click on the link to confirm the registration process and establish an online account.